#Wreck this journal Wednesdays


Wreck this journal. I am sure everyone knows what it is by now. And I just bought it because it was always out of stock. It says it’s dedicated to all the perfectionists around the world. And I feel shameful for saying that I am a perfectionist. So here’s the sad story. I bought wreck this journal because I thought It was something very cool with amazing sketching ,drawing and painting prompts. but as always; i was wrong. It is a tool for torturing perfectionist. every page of it made me cringe so bad. Like this book is in a perfect shape and I’ll spend so much time and effort working on it and you want me to bring this book in a shower with me. WTF ?Are you kidding me? No, they are not kidding you. this book makes you think outside the box or should I say color outside the lines. (I just cringed). Now that I own it, I think it might help me to experiment with my art and also overcome the fear of ruining my art If I let the colors flow. In short, it might help me “loosen up” and became more creative. So I have decided that I’ll be doing a #wreck this journal Wednesdays. I am a perfectionist and i am going to wreck this journal and this journal will wreck me. I hope you’ll enjoy it. much love. Peace.
The Dream Collectors


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  1. Ah! I’ve seen this journal around so much. I’m so conflicted as to whether or not I should get it or just make my own journal!

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    1. I personally think you should get it because it really helps you explore your creative side. And also challenges you to do things that you never thought of doing to a journal .

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      1. Ooo, I’ll have to get over myself and get it then! Thanks for the recommendation.

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      2. You’re welcome ❤

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  2. And I hope you stay tuned and enjoy my wreck this journal series. Much love . peace.


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