Liebster award


Hello dream collectors. I’m so blessed and excited to share with you all that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is an award created within the blogging community to offer support and recognition to new up and coming bloggers. I was fortunate enough to be nominated by the lovely Heather Terwilliger over at I highly suggest going and checking out her blog .

So Let’s Get Down to the Rules

Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them
Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you
Tell readers 11 random facts about yourself
Nominate up to 11 bloggers to receive the award next
Give your new nominees questions to answer about themselves when they post their nomination .
My Q/A from Heather
My answers for Heather. 
1)Who is your favorite fictional character, and why?
My favorite fictional character is umar jahangir from amarbail written by umaira Ahmed.  Umar Jehangir, a character with multiple shades. What makes Umer intriguing and fascinating are the imperfections in him, a character that is very realistic but never sketched before, a mixture of good and evil, far from the usual perfect hero; normally depicted in our novels. On the surface he was a selfish and corrupt man, but deep inside he had a caring and sensitive heart, who longed for his mother’s love, cared for his friends and was totally aware of his own weaknesses and that awareness of himself is what made him sacrifice his love. In short he is a character one cannot resist falling in love with despite all his weaknesses.

2)What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your blog?
The biggest lesson i have learned is that i don’t have to be perfect. I just need to be ME.
3)What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
My favorite way to spend a Saturday is to wake up late ,have a nice breakfast and spend the rest of the day in a park full of trees .
4)What are your pet peeves?
I have a lot of pet peeves.  I hate it when people don’t apologize when they do something wrong.  I hate it when someone keeps talking about how good of a person they are, Over and over again. 
5)If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?
If i was a super hero i would love to be like wolverine.
6)What prompted you to start a blog?
I always wanted to start a blog. I loved the concept of blogging. 
7)What’s your favorite holiday, and why?
I cant choose.  Love em all. 
8)Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
I would choose Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina jolie.
9) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would love to eat shawarma for the rest of my life.  Its just delicious .
10)What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?
I think when your in love nothing seems crazy. 
11)If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Don’t piss me off . or your responsible for what happens next. 
11 random facts about me
1) I haven’t watched Titanic yet.
2)I love to read novels .
3)I have no idea what star wars is. 
4)I love video games. 
5)I hate teddy bears.  I think its the most useless thing on this planet. 
6)I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .
7)I don’t like birthdays . 
8)I love cats. 
9)I have a crazy passion for event management .
10)I love poetry .
11)this was incredibly hard for me to write. 
Here are the new bloggers I have nominated
Sophie over at
Linda over at
Jennifer over at
Lydia over at
Eloise over at
April over at
Ivana over at
Kayleigh over at
Praneet over at
Roy over at
Jennifer over at
My questions for the nominees
1)what encouraged you to start a blog ?
2)what have you learned from blogging ?
3)what’s your favorite post on my blog ?
4) what is your favorite book ?
5)if you had to describe your self by using 1 sentence only .what would you say?
6)what does love means to you ?
7)what’s your biggest fear ?
8)what are the things you want to do before you die ?
9)if you had a million dollars .how many dollars would you give for charity?
10)where do you want to see yourself in 10 years ?
11)what do you do in your free time.  ?

That’s it .Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for a Liebster Award. You should be proud of yourself and the effort you put into your blogs.Make sure to check each others blogs.  I can’t wait to read all of your answers.
When your done answering please leave the link of that post in the comment section below so I can read them.  Much love.  Peace.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenifer Jett says:

    Thanks for the nomination. Working on my nominations & questions now. I love your blog!


    1. You deserved it <3. And thank you so much <3.


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