ONE WORD: Feminism


What does feminism mean ? Equality or female empowerment?. Every one defines it in their own unique way. Have a look at what feminism means to women around the world.

Abigail White
Feminism, to me, means power. It means having rights. It means building on what so many brave women have fought for before me. It means fighting for access to safe abortion, end the rape culture in our nation, and fighting for equality for all women of all races. It means fighting to be able to walk down the street and not be shamed by the things people say to me. Margret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” That’s what feminism means to me.

Dagmara Postelle
Choices, that women can choose what they want to do with their lives.

Melissa Kiplagat
As an African woman I have found that I have a problem with the western ideology of what feminism is. In the west it seems to be that women should have equal opportunity to do what men do. My problem with that is you are saying that traditionally male roles are MORE IMPORTANT or of a HIGHER VALUE than traditionally female roles. The fact that there is a stigma associated with being a stay at home mother proves that point. I think that is completely unfeminist. Feminism to me should be about demanding that traditionally feminine roles should be given the same reverence as traditionally male roles. A woman taking care of her kids should be respected as much in society as a CEO. People think that because you see men in most positions of power in Africa (even though we do have a fair share of female presidents and leaders) that Africa is misogynist. Where as the underlying truth in my experience is that there is an understanding that though some can do everything that men can do, we need to do what we as women traditionally do because men can’t in the same way. At least that is the mentality of the men around me. Equal does not have to mean the same.
And I agree with the above comment that women should have the choice to do what they want. I think though that we have to fix the underlying perception that male roles are more coveted than female roles. I personally think women are the most powerful gender by far. We CAN run countries and companies and still create babies within us. Science hasn’t allowed men to do that yet .

Christy Jones Harper
“A woman taking care of her kids should be respected as much in society as a CEO.” AMEN!

Kimberly Beechey
To me feminism means equality between men and women. 

In the workforce, in parenthood, in the eye of the law in society in general feminism means both men and women have equal rights. Its about having the same opportunities to work or stay home with the kids, no matter your sex. It is respect towards women doing what they want as well as men. That is my view on feminism

Kelly Bach Render
Feminism to me today does not mean what it used to. Before, feminism meant fighting for and wanting equal rights and today it’s more about men bashing and ridiculous things like the “free the nippels” movement. Women today DO have the same opportunities as men. In fact men are falling behind in equal opportunities as many aspects of school and work have been feminized thus making education and work opportunities geared more towards women. I know there are women who have the old view of what feminism was; but today there are far more men bashing feminists that start ridiculous movements that don’t do anything at all. I personally do not identify as a feminist.

Mikaela Pederson
“Feminism”: a practice of empowerment and superiority for women only. 
Now, I know that’s not supposed to be what it means, but there are plenty of extremists out there who have forced it to become that way. To be honest, it never really made sense to call the fight for equality of genders “feminism,” a term that specifies one gender, anyway. It should have always been called “equalism,” or something along those lines

Anita Desabhatla
Feminism for me is the power of women to do anything and everything in this world. There is nothing that a woman can’t do or achieve if she puts her mind to it. Men and women are not equal at all, women are way above the power and intelligence of men!

Catherine Colbert
It means to me simply being female -whether ascribed gender at birth, or in the greater sense.
I don’t believe one can be truely female if they are not a “feminist”, and wish to stand equally beside men in society.

Vanja Bonny Čabdarić

Leah Miller
Freedom xx

Maria cross
A misunderstood word that is used
to belittle the people it is supposed to empower . It should be changed to something that reflects the call for equality to all.

Sophie blakemore
The freedom to be exactly who I want and what I want to be and do when I want however I want .
And equality,obviously for everyone.

Angélica Trejo Azevedo
The belief that both sexes should be treated with equal respect and have same rights. 

Heather Lisa Noire
That women and men are treated the same and respected equally with no divide.
The Dream Collectors .


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