MORE THAN ART by Megan Goodsell (guest post)


“Oh mine is terrible” “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body” “You are so good at this, I’m not” “I can’t do this”.
I’ve been to many Art classes & these types of comments ring all around. People often feel scared & insecure when it comes to creating painting, drawing etc. Why?
It’s not what Art is supposed to be about. Do not compare your work to others! You are unique, what you create is unique as you. Art is fun and about having courage to have a go. Creating is good for you & your mental health. I’ve found when I’ve done something Artistic daily, I feel really good, I believe it’s as good as daily exercise. I feel like I am achieving something.
I love to make things, paint, take photographs, sing, draw & write. I aim to have confidence & enjoy what I’m doing. I encourage my kids to paint, draw, cut & paste stuff too.
I am sharing some of the pieces we have hanging in our home, created by us. It warms my heart! It is ours.




Have a go, you don’t have to win any awards. Expressing yourself is good.
And when your mind wants to tear you down, or you feel the need to express how bad yours is, don’t! Because your art is as amazing as you are. And remember “Art is not hard”.



I was honoured with the opportunity of posting this guest post on my blog by the lovely Megan Goodsell over at
Megan Goodsell is an amazing mother ,writer and of course an incredible blogger based in Australia. Her blog is based around things she does regarding her concerns about the environment and what we can do about it as well as other writings about trying to live her life with Clarity. Aiming to be a good Mum, friend, wife, person. Make sure to check out her website . Much love. Peace.


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