DIY Curtains by Kimberly Beechey (guest post)


I have been working really hard on making the kids bedroom nice and cozy for them. I have chosen a starry sky theme and Cooper(my son 2.5 years old)  is absolutely loving it. He is always talking about these “Linkle Star” curtains I recently made out of an old bed spread/ doona covers I had laying around.

The curtains they had before were boring, and not quite wide enough for their window, so I found a solution!aaa


Single/Double/Queen/King bed spread/doona covers (I used a single)

Sewing Machine

Backing or extra fabric, you want the curtains to block out fair bit of light. Especially in a kids bedroom.

Tape Measure



  • Start out by measuring your window. You want your curtain/doonah width to be at least 0.5x longer than the window, this allows for some gather. I usually recommend to double your window width though, full curtains look amazing. If you have a doonah that is printed the same on both sides then you will only need one doona cover for the two drops.


A rough guide for doona cover measurements are as follows: Single: 140 x 210cm Double: 180 x 210 Queen: 210 x 210cm King: 240 x 210cm 


  • I then got down to the tedious task of picking apart the doona cover, anything to save money though right?
  • Next I lay my doona down on a flat surface (floor) face down, grabbed the old blue curtains which were too small and positioned it in the middle.ssss.jpg
  • Now to pin it in place! I wanted these curtains to be wider, so when pinning it all together, I joined up the edges of both the doona cover and curtains, and ironed a crease into each side of the doona cover this gave me about 10cms more width on each curtain drop. It was not quite enough to have a good gather on my curtains in the end, but I was working with what I had.ddd
    • I had a lot of trouble with this next step, I really did not think it through. I ended up sewing the edges together, and the lesson I learnt was… turn it inside out first! You also want to put a small hem on the bottom of the curtains as pictured =)ffff
      • After I had done the edges, and turned it the right way out again. I had to create a place for the curtain rod to go through. I measured around 20cm from the top/where the buttons were on the doona cover, and folded down. You can measure any length really, just as long as there is plenty of room for the rod.gggg.jpg
        • I then sewed along in as straight a line as possible, creating a pocket for the rod, fold the fabric to the back as its a little bit neater looking.
        • All done! All I had to do next was hang them!
      • hhh


        I think they come up wonderfully, especially for a complete sewing novice, and Cooper loves them, he calls them his “Linkle Star Curtains” and loves to tell me how much he likes his curtains.

        I would love to thank The dream collectors for this opportunity! It’s been fun writing up a guest post, and I hope you all have enjoyed it =)

                                      Kim Xxx

        ABOUT THE GUEST AUTHOR12592562_10153846186082673_1223497363009464799_n


I was honoured with the opportunity of posting this guest post on my blog by the amazing Kimberly Beechey over at . She’s an amazing mother ,writer,crafter and blogger based in Austrailia . Her blog is all about what you can do with your own two hand and a small budget.You can find DIYs,financial tips , home décor under a budget and parenting tips over at her website. Make sure to check out her lovely website .I hope you enjoy it . Much love .Peace.



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  1. megangoodsell says:

    Love the curtains! I made patchwork ones with my Mums help once and they look fab, really changed the room as did yours. Love the sound of her blog and will check it out.

    I was feeling surprised by you making curtains for your 2.5 year old ha ha, then read it was a guest post.

    Hope your well xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha iam glad you liked it. Your comments always make me smile :D.

      Liked by 1 person

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