Dear Depression,


Dear depression ,
You are my childhood friend . You are an uninvited guest; I don’t know when you’ll come and when you’ll leave. People can’t see you, but you’re always by my side. People try to give you different names; a choice , a phase . But I know you too well and your non of that.  You make me  feel I don’t deserve happiness and love. You create so much hate that I suffocate. Every day you keep me hostage in my bed in my own home. You have a romantic way of making the moon look like my best friend and keeping me awake the whole night.  You scare me from both life and death. You have removed the fear of darkness from my heart and now it’s my new home. When people say “put the blade down it will hurt you ” you reply with”so will the world “. I am indeed your prey. You abuse me both mentally and physically. You make me see the air,but destroy my ability to breathe . You’re the weight tied to my feet, making me drown; preventing me from reaching the surface. Your a black hole, you suck everyone in and then there is no way out.  You scream inside my head, repeating what went wrong and what will go wrong . But, I don’t want to be your friend any more . I have defeated you once before and I will defeat you again . I am a prey ,it doesn’t mean I can’t be the hunter .
Yours truly,
The Dream Collectors.


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