Creativity’s many forms by Mandy Moore(guest post)


“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” ― Bill Gates

 No two people are alike and that is so not a bad thing. Our uniqueness means that even if we share a common goal we will all approach that goal differently. When it comes to creativity that uniqueness shows up in many ways. Creativity does not mean the exact same thing to anyone. To me it means the act of creating artwork, whether aesthetic or otherwise. To my husband it encompasses the ability to think of something new and bring it into being. His definition is far more all-encompassing, right?

As I prepared to write this post for The Dream Collectors I asked what I should focus on when writing it and I was told the aim is for creativity. I looked around my house to try to figure out how we are creative. What do we do that exhibits our own individual creativity? 

I looked up to see my son and my husband playing a very popular video game. They take 1×1 blocks and turn them into something brand new within the confines of the game. They have created great buildings, water parks, roller coasters all on this game.


I walked into our hallway and was greeted by my own creativity. I spent years in school studying the art of the English language. I focused on creative writing and have many stories in my arsenal. Writing is my creative outlet. It is the one source of creativity that I have always and will always return to. In order for me to keep my skills honed and prevent myself from getting rusty in my moments of writer’s block I read. I read about publishing. I read about the act of writing. Basically, I read everything I can get my hands on in order to create something from a single piece of thought.


I turned into my grandmother’s room. As she has aged she has lost her desire to bring something into being that wasn’t there before. Most days she simply watches those on TV who are doing just that. Back in the day she was a mad seamstress, though. She is the one who taught me the few skills I still possess on the sewing machine. I remember sitting on her lap trying to reach the foot feed while watching her nimble hands guide the fabric under the needle. My grandma transformed so many yards of fabric into creative pieces


As I was walking around our home searching for the next creative outlet I realized a certain little girl was shadowing me. That little girl happened to be holding a plastic tea kettle and a stacking cup. She was trying to get my attention so she could give me a drink. At the age of two she shows her creativity in numerous ways. More often than not she is showing it by using her imagination as she pretends to cook in her kitchen or comfort her favorite baby.


Let my family be an inspiration to you. Show your creativity however you wish. Just get out there and bring something to life that never before existed! 



I was honored with the opportunity of posting this guest post by the amazing Mandy Moore over at Mandy Moore is the founder of “Create” an online creative outlet, who lives to find new outlets of creativity .In addition to her editorial work, Mandy is an author who focuses on controversial subject material which invokes in readers a desire to debate any given topic. Make sure to check out her website . Much love. Peace.


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