Like a woman


When I was 4,
I was painting on this giant blank canvas, which was unfortunately the wall of my room.
My mother said,
“My little princess what are you doing.
Girls don’t make a mess.
Be like a woman. ”
And I thought mommy was right.
When I was 6,
I was playing football with the boys who lived around the corner,
my mom came rushing out the door,
pulled me from my arm,
and said,
“My little princess!
what are you doing!,
girls don’t play football .
Be like a woman”.
I went inside with her, thinking I was just a little princess and I was meant to be fragile.
When I was 8,
I was riding my bike,
around the town looking at the newly blossomed flowers,
Staring at the crimson colored sunset,
I heard my mom scream behind me,
As I rode into the further,
Girls don’t shamelessly ride bicycles around the town
Be like a woman”
That day I went to the yard sale, and I sold my helmet,
and my bike,
thinking I was just a little princess, not brave enough to see what the world hold within .
When I was 12 ,
i went to the store ,
I bought giant hiking shoes,
from the money I saved up in past 2 years.
As I was walking back home,
day dreaming ,
how will it be ,
to be at the top of the mountains,
How close will I be to the clouds,
And the people living in the valley will look at me ,
as a tiny little star ,
shining through the clouds .
And when I reached home ,
My mother said,
“oh my little princess!
What is this hideous thing?
Real women wear heels .
when will you learn to be like a woman ?”
Those shoes are still in my closet,
Untouched .
Because I am just a little princess,
who stays in her shiny little castle,
and is meant to be pretty ,
no matter what .
When I was 16 ,
I went shopping for prom with my mother,
and we bought a ton of makeup,
Fake eyelashes, fake nails, 20 shades of lipstick, and what my mother called a tiny eyeshadow palette of 150 colors. ,
I told her,
“Mom I just wanted a dress “,
and she replied,
“Oh my little princess, this is part of being a woman.
You are 16 already.
Be like a woman “,
That day I put on all that makeup, because I was a princess,
and that was not enough,
I was not pretty enough.
When I was 19,
I went to a dinner with my mother,
As we were walking down the road,
I told my mother I wanted to join medical school,
My mother looked at me,
with disgust on her face,
and anger in her voice,
And said,
“Princess! That’s not ladylike. now you’ll cut people open? , be like woman”
And I nod, thinking,
I am a princess, and only a prince is going to save me and the world.
When I was 25,
I married a perfect Man.
My mother said,
” oh my little princess,
You found your prince, and your happily ever after “.
I smiled,
thinking my fairytale was finally complete.
When I was 29,
I gave birth to a girl,
As I woke up from my anesthesia,
The nurse brought in my baby,
and as soon as I saw her,
I said,
“My little princess. ”
As these words came out of my mouth,
I realized I just murdered all of her dreams and all the possibilities of her being something great.
As quietly as I could,
As if I wanted to protect my words,
From the ears of this world,
I whispered,
“don’t be like a woman ”

sketch by -The Dream Collectors

written by – The Dream Collectors


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abdul Mannan says:

    This is so deep. This reflects how narrow minded our society is.
    I don’t believe in the ‘doctor’ part though. Normally, girls are raised up to be doctors in our society. And boys, to be engineers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it . by the ‘doctor’ part I wanted to portray how many dreams are crushed just in the name of ‘its not ladylike’ or ‘some professions are meant for men only’. Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. emy bel says:

    i really like this story ; i hope it’s not yours because i can see how it hurts . but anyway , mothers care a lot of their daughters because they see them as a mirror so they want them to be as their mothers used to be . i guess ” be a woman ” is a weird word because every periode of life should be normal without any addition if you were 6 or 8 or even 19 you have the right to live the same as any girl in your age not to try to be someone else . and with all my respect to mothers ^_^


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