Out and About/Trip to the walled city of lahore(Airport day)


Hola every one .I was born and raised in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia and I have never stepped out of this country in my whole life. I have travelled a lot within the country but this was my first time even on the airplane. I was so excited that I finished packing 3 months before my flight, but I didn’t new what was headed my way(CULTURE SHOCK and JET LAG ).I had an early morning flight and I was travelling with Saudi airlines


I had a great time at the Riyadh airport. It was huge and beautiful .I was like an excited child wondering about everything and every corner of the airport and wanted to touch every thing . And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. It was my first trip outside the country so I wanted to absorb everything in; the smell of a freshly cleaned marble floor ,the touch of the waiting chairs , the sight of beautiful bright lights and the taste of the ” airport food”.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

and ofcourse how can we miss the duty free ?. I mean excuse me , who doesn’t like over priced stuff just because its in an airport ?. Well I love that sh*t. I don’t know why but paying double money for a chocolate makes it more rich and sweet . And how can we forget about those beautifully staged perfumes and makeup ?. You are telling me you are not going to buy that expensive branded perfume and don’t mind paying double ? come on who are you kidding ? Do you really think your inner self is going to let you leave without buying that ? naAAAA .


now that  i was done buying everything I don’t need, it was time to fly .I boarded the airplane praying to get a window seat and guess what I was stuck in the middle seat with a BABY next to me (crushed dream count = 1). As the plane was taking off my heart was filled with so much excitement and joy that I wanted to throw up . I was watching the world get smaller and smaller with my eyes lit up like a child who got a trampoline as a birthday gift and BAM . The women with the baby closed the window (crushed dream count = 2). I was way too nice ( I didn’t have the balls to ) to ask her to open the window again. I silently waited as her baby cried his eyes out, that she might open it again but that didn’t happened (crushed dream count =3).We were about to land and I leaned in and opened the window because I couldn’t miss this moment . And there it was . A beautiful runway with flowers and grass everywhere and small building far away .As I stepped out of the airplane things were not as pleasant as I thought it would be . It was crowded and extremely small and then I realized I was in a 3rd world country . Everything was different . The beautiful lights were replaced with dull light bulbs(which made my eyes hurt) . The huge airport was replaced with hallways and tightly packed lines . My lungs filled with the smell of CNG.I went from this


(Riyadh ,King Khalid International Airport )

to this


(Allama Iqbal International Airport)

from this





to this



(crushed dream count =I don’t effing remember )

And then it hit me . All those news of bomb blasts ,robbery and what not . Infact all I knew about this country was what the news channels were telling me. I was scared someone was going to rob me and the funny part is I only had 20 rupees in cash (from which I tried to buy a pack of potato chips but it was for 80 rupees). well I decided to to tell my self to just chill for a second .


I knew this country was much more then the news channels were telling me . I knew it was a beautiful country , I could feel it in my bones .And there it was in front of me as I stepped outside the airport .BEAUTY.


Everything I set my eyes on was beautiful and full of history .  I was in fact in the walled city of Lahore . It was more then I imagined it would be . Only one word came out of my mouth BEAUTYFUL . The roads were actually the other way around so I was of course scared to death that I was going the wrong way and why the hell is the driver sitting on the right side , other then that ,it was a dream come true .

BeFunky Collage1.jpg






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