The Real Super Hero

“No religion is higher then serving humanity ”

“My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.”

In case you are wondering;

“yes super heros exist” .

you can’t see them flying around wearing red capes but surely we can look for them among ourselves . Abdul Sattar edhi , A real life superhero from Pakistan . He wasn’t immortal or had the power of flying, but he had the super power no one has today “The power of love for Humanity” . Indeed he wasn’t fighting villains with his strong body but he was the strongest  of them all “fighting for humanity ” .And yes he wasn’t busy saving the day ,because he was working “to save the world”

May his soul rest in peace and may he be given the highest rank in heaven .

RIP 1928-2016


Sketch by -The dream collectors

Written by -The dream collectors


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